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Welcome to Hand's 2 Hearts 4 PAWS Pet First Aid and CPR in Chicago

Emergency Prepardness

Emergency Preparedness

Those that are evacuating due to a natural disaster: if you got to a hotel/motel, with your pets, they can not deny you a place to stay, if they do not allow your pets. Congress Created the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act (PETS) to require states seeking FEMA assistance to accommodate pets & service animals in their plans for evacuating residents facing natural disasters.

Do Not wait until the last minute to be prepared in case of emergencies. 

Everyone should be prepared in case of natural disasters and this day and age Terrorism. 

A natural disaster can hit at anytime. 

Would you like to host a class?

If you would like to host a class for Pet Tech First Aid and CPR, please contact me for scheduling. Classes can start forming the weekend of September 16, 2018. 

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Pacin' for Pitties 5K Run/Walk 10/20/2018

Come on out to Boomer's Stadium on October 20, 2018, sign up for the Certified and Timed 5K, to benefit Peace for Pits. 

I will be there to do a demo, pass out information on First Aid & CPR

Chances to win Free Classes and Discounted Classes!!! 

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An estimated 60% of animal hospital visits are emergency in nature. 

Preventable Accidents are the leading cause of death and disability among pre-senior dogs & cats. 


About Us

First Aid

Would you know what to do if your pet was injured? Would you know if it was an emergency or something you can take care of at  home? Hand's 2 Hearts 4 Paws is here to help you remain calm and understand what to do in case of an emergency. Do you know where your 24 hour emergency vets are at?

CPR and Choking

Many people in the United States have been trained in CPR for humans, have you or do you know how to perform CPR on your cat or dog? If not we can teach you how to perform CPR and what do in case your pet is choking. 

A Furever Friend

Your pet's life is valuable. You have already taken the time to invest in the quality of life for your pet. Why not take the next step to get trained in Pet Fist Aid and CPR in Chicago  for your cat or dog, in case of an emergency. I am not here to take the place of your veterinarian, I am here to help you to learn to sustain the life of your furever friend and get them to the proper care that is needed. I am a certified Pet First Aid and CPR instructor. I have been a paramedic for 30 years. The medical profession has been my life and my passion is to help animals. 

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Take the next step to be your pet's advocate and take Pet Tech's Pet First Aid and CPR with Hand's 2 Hearts 4 PAWS Pet First Aid & CPR

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